Assignment 3

Ahh at least i’m not the only one who is only just getting onto assignment 3! I just read that Wedrac is planning on getting started today!

So i’m using this blog to make a final list of to do’s to finish off this subject!

  1. Make sure I have 12 blogs in the last 4 weeks
  2. Finish off week 15 learning journal pathway!
  3. Put all 5 ICT lesson plans into one document, add mentors comments and any other adjustment I didn’t make whilst on prac…. easy but annoying and time consuming job
  4. Finalise and re-read my pre-planning essay I wrote before prac, add/delete and edit
  5. Start Part D…. after reading facebook comments that its huge, not looking forward to it

I wonder if I can get this all done today? Ahh I want to cry….. what a burnout this semester has been!!!!!!

I’m going to start chilling the beverages for Tuesday night 🙂


Class Dojo

On Fridays I was placed in  year four classroom that used class Dojo as a daily incentive for the students. Luckily I’m returning to that class so I have some more time to get acquainted with class DOJO.
what is it?…..
ClassDojo is a simple, safe classroom management app that helps teachers
encourage students in class, and easily communicate with parents. Check out the website to find out more.

In this class the students got points for doing the right thing, or handing in great work or doing well on spelling tests. They have Dojo dollars and they have a list of things the students can use their dollars to buy in the classroom including a prize box, listening to music, having toy on their desk and much more! They absolutely loved it and it worked so well to keep bahaviour under control. As simple as stating “if we are quiet and get through this lesson well everyone will be awarded 2 dojo points” or “first 3 people do get this done will receive 5 dojo dollars!” (so effective!!!).


Prac 1, 2016 done and dusted!

It felt long at the time, but now I look back where did those 3 weeks just go? What an experience that Prac was! But honestly I am so glad I was put in a lower-socioeconomic school, I have learnt more on this prac than the other 3 I have done , particularly in the areas of behaviour management and classroom management!

Ive organised my return and have luckily been placed back into the Year 4 class i was in on friday’s as the rest was HPE. So I have a bearing of how the class works and will hopefully remember at least half the names….

Now to finish off 3 assignments and pass my exam so I can enjoy the feeling of going to work and coming home with nothing to do for 3 weeks!


Understanding how time consuming computer lessons can be!!

This week I designed a computer lesson on Microsoft word for year 4. The class I go into on  Friday is a combined year 4 class, so I get the opportunity to do the lesson twice as they split the groups for specialised subjects.

The first attempt went horrible, I sat kids in middle of room to explain what they were doing and went through some instructions on an overhead before sending to their computer to login. 10 Minutes down to find out that 3 out of 25 knew how to access their email to get to a document I had sent them to download and work off.  So I admit the beginning of the lesson needed to be changed but from here on the behaviour in this group is challenging. So it was deep breaths while I tried to explain through overhead what to do which they basically didn’t pay attention. Having to sit a student out because she was testing me and so I had to focus a lot of time trying to settle behaviour using the class catch phrases! We only got to getting the word doc downloaded and opened and that was only meant to be the first 15 minutes of 45!

The second attempt I quickly changed my approach and had the students logging into computers asap. The class also uses Dojo points and money as incentives so I used the Dojo money to encourage students to be the quickest to do something and really used those catch phrases! Mentor agreed i was on top of behaviour much better than the last but this group was also a better combination of students. Each step they had to follow through what I was doing on projector or I would have students come show me what I wanted used projector screen. Everything was completed and I was very happy with how the lesson went!

Now I know we aren’t meant to be teaching kids how to use ICT, but that’s what was asked by mentor. I used another ICT (projector) to enhance what skills I was teaching them! Bam!

1 week to go 🙂

1 down 2 to go!

Well I feel tired like many others but a lot more at ease now that one week has passed. Due to mentor being away before me arriving, he had to catch up on some assessments so much of my time was observing pe assessing and discussing grades, such as “what mark would you give for that”. Good practice! He also was introducing new skills such as high jump to year 6 and 4. He did the first lesson then threw me in the deep end to repeat his lesson. I can happily say I did ok with no preparation 🙂 I even managed to walk a down syndrome student through stepping over the high jump rope!. I also took some ball skills lessons with preps (they are lots of fun and crack me up).

I’m in a classroom on friday’s with year 4 and I took the technology lesson, and with the teachers suggestion did a lesson that let me gauge the students computer skills, having them show me things they can do such as access internet, research information, to the simple tasks of logging on. I am limited with ICT so this is one of the lessons I’ll hand in with assignment 3…. just need to justify how that amplifies learning! My answer to that was, I was able to walk around room and assist students who were having trouble with particular tasks and give them the technology skills they need to successfully utilise computers. 70% of these kids do not have computers/laptops at home! So I am giving them skills so they can become successful member of society!!

The school has 100 special needs children to just over 600 students! So that has been a big eye opener for me! That is on top of the higher level of disruptive behaviour that the demographics brings to the school. Ive seen kids lash out at other kids in other classes and students storm out of the school, many students not in full uniform, lots of swearing, lots of not listening, lots of not wanting to do work! But it doesn’t scare me off it just makes me wish I knew the students more so I knew what to do and how to handle each student. I’m worried if I try crack down on a student badly misbehaving they might lash out at me or run out of the school.

My final note is I’m very happy with my mentor and I am so thankful that he is giving me a wealth of resources to take away with me! Just got to remember to bring hardrive in so I can get it copied 🙂

I’m procrastinating this morning with planning my lessons for next week so I better get onto that!



Pre prac weekend checklist

Below are the things I have done over the weekend before commencing prac! Still could spend some more time on upcoming assignment but at the same time I am tired and think I should probably just relax this afternoon because I wont get a chance for the next 3 weeks!

  • Finish maths assignment – check
  • Draft preparation and planning essay – check
  • Start edx3270 unit plan! – sort of!
  • Food shop, what do I do for lunches! ??
  • Make sure my classes (work) are covered
  • Washing – check
  • Pack bag, Folder, hard copy portfolio, whistle, hat, sunscreen -check
  • Ironed clothes – check
  • print more lesson plans
  • Set alarm!

I hope I haven’t forgot anything!

This time next week!

Just reading Ms Shannon’s Blog about prac quietly creeping up on us! I’m trying extremely hard to nut out assignments that are due the week starting prac, 3rd week of prac and after prac this week, to ease up my time so I can concentrate on Prac itself! MOUTHFUL!

I personally know Ms Shannon and she is attending a school I have previously been to. I too am HPE and I’ll also be doing high-jump for years 4-6 and balls skills for the younger students! I have a feeling we might be bouncing ideas off each other, especially when it comes to trying to use ICT in these lessons! I was lucky enough last year to attend Red Track (inter-school athletics) during my prac!

ok, prac is fast approaching, i have been totally focussed on assignments and life as Mrs Kelly and Katherine speak about that work and family are the biggest distraction, due to my distractions i didn’t realise prac is only like a week away! i got an email from my mentor last week outlining what aspect i’ll be covering, what […]

via prac is fast approaching — shannonmarieb

Interactive Whiteboards

I went through this weeks activities fairly quickly. Maybe because Im on P.E prac and don’t get to use a whiteboard, or maybe because I learn by doing not by reading about how to do something. It was useful though.

Ive only had one classroom prac so far and like Angemc Ive had one experience using IWB. It was a whiteboard/IWB. So it could be used to write on with markers as well as an IWB. I think these types are the way to go! I used it in a history lesson where I brought up the information I was talking about and used the highlighter option to highlight text the students needed to take notes into their book on. I also used it to display a video clip when we were doing some work on grammar, stopping and starting the video to ask questions as I went. I thought it was great I could connect my mac to it and pull up any word doc/video etc to display to the class. It was a little touchy tho and needed calibrating in which my mentor seemed reluctant to do. I never thought to just google how and take over!

Here’s a You-tube clip I found in one quick search on how to Calibrate a board. I like when he says “its called a smart board but its not really that smart!”




What do I know, What have I learnt?

I believe I am confident to provide lessons to support digital citizenship but still concerned my context challenges my chances of actually putting it into action.

I’ve been spending time each day looking for ideas to use ICT whilst doing Physical education outside. Most of these ideas keep ending back at using phone or iPad apps.I wonder if I can provide some homework that includes emailing? But do these children have access to ICT at home? These are some things I still need to find out. I will be in a classroom once a week but still waiting on reply on what classroom, what year etc I want to ask about computer access/internet/restricted sites. With 2 computer labs as the main ICT available in this school, I’ll need to organise something as soon as so I can book a time to use the rooms.

Ive found the schools Cyber-bullying policy on their website and found children sign an ICT agreement upon enrollment and that the school provides regular classroom sessions and access to Queensland Police service to outline the rights and responsibilities of being cyber safe. Within the school cyber-bullying is dealt equally with other forms of bullying.

So to finish off week 10 these words explain how I am feeling…. concerned, keen, but frustrated with the limitations I have!


Digital Citizenship

What do I know. Well its something I have learnt probably beginning in high school for me and at the same time when my parents bought our household our first family computer. It is responsible use of technology. Learning rules, respect and privacy. Having passwords and not sharing that with anyone, not using the technology unethically. MSN was the first chat that became popular when I was nearing the end of high school and I quickly became obsessed, logging on every night.

Ive always been a victim of cyber bullying, once at school, I was sent an email that was not very nice and almost told me to go kill myself. Lucky I’m a head strong person, I found out who it was and approached them in person. I was again attacked as an adult. A friend of mines x-wife who decided she didn’t like me but didn’t know me from a bar of soap started writing horrible things on pictures my work had posted. She was quickly blocked and the posts removed.

Bullying Quiz

I got an interesting 1 out of 4 for my quiz.

Q1 – I looked at this question and answered this true because I had read about kids who take part in bullying often have troubles at home or to show off and to me that shows low self esteem. Anyway….

Q3 – Ok its not the most common yet, but if we go off this course, I agree it has the potential to become more prevalent in the future

Q4 – I hesitated with this question and it could have been worded better. Some kids become targets of bullying because they are not assertive, So i ticked yes, but I would also tick yes to the bully’s to be treated accordingly also.

Cyber Safety Quiz

23/25 first go … Not bad. I think this quiz is a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. It doesn’t take up much time either. The personal information one was interesting. Thinking about all the sites Ive had to sign up for Uni,  full names, email address and phone numbers were compulsory. I also answered yes to address book forgetting I wasn’t over 13 yrs old :).

I would say I’m fairly well informed. I would just need to be careful on explaining joining sites to children, what information to give and what sites are ok.