Why the blog?

Hi all,

My name is Ashley Lord and I have created this post in relation to a subject I am completing for my Primary Education degree. I am a third year student specialising in Sport, Health and Physical Education. I love being active and I have a strong opinion that Sport and Health should be crucial when it comes to children’s education. Not only to combat obesity and health issues but because I believe being active enhances students abilities to learn, concentrate and absorb information.

Im super busy teaching my own fitness classes and working as an educator in an OHSC facility so I fit my study in around all of that!

Ive always been intrigued by ICT and never afraid but do admit to the frustrations it can create when things don’t go to plan or figuring out how to use can take up a lot of time! I really hope I come out at the end of this subject with even more confidence about using ICT and more so I come across a range of ways to incorporate ICT into Sport, Health & Physical education.

Stay tuned!


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