What is ICT and How do I learn it…

Ok, well we all know ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. In my own words I understand it as using Technology as a way of accessing information and to add to to the many ways of communication. It can be through using computers, radio’s, phones, video recording/conferencing, online. Technology as come far and I do agree that children should be learning and engaging with ICT on a regular basis at school as a majority of them already do outside school.

As far as the question of how to learn ICT, I believe the best approach that has helped me is to be confident and just jump in the deep end and start experimenting with the very many applications, devices that are available. Of course there are always simple get started explanations to follow but to become confident enough that you can share this knowledge with children you need to ‘play’ around.

“Educational ICT tools are not for making educators master ICT skills themselves, but for making educators create a more effective learning environment via ICT”(elmoglobal.com, 2012). This must be kept in mind, we are not trying to make the children computer genius’s, we are simply using ICT to enhance their learning.


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