Go Noodle!

I was reading up on Mrclancys blog on Kiddle. This is the first I myself have also heard about Kiddle and have now added it to my list of ICT tools for the classroom. What a great ingenious idea to create a search engine that is safe and child friendly!!!

This post has inspired me to write a little bit about GoNoodle and explain the usefulness of this website. So whats is it? GoNoodle is a website with interactive games and video’s that helps kids focus. It is designed for the everyday classroom and being a pre-service sport, health and physical education teacher I’m a big believer that children perform better and have better brain activity if they are active.

GoNoodle can be utilised in so many ways, my suggestions are:

  1. Subject transitions- to break things up before moving onto the next subject
  2. After lunch or recess – to get the ‘wiggles’ out of the kids
  3. Before or after a big test
  4. Indoor recess – when its raining outside
  5. Revitalize the afternoon slump to get the kids through
  6. Or my favourite – as a warmup at the beginning of  HPE lesson, particularly for the younger grades, it will get them engaged and warm at the same time!

Use this link to check out the website and sign up to it for free!


Ive also found this GoNoodleblog that has done the hard work and offers many different ideas on how to utilise GoNoodle in your classroom!

Make sure you check it out! PE teacher or not 🙂


3 thoughts on “Go Noodle!

  1. kimpooler says:

    Hi Ashley,
    On my last prac the class I was with used this resource. I found it fantastic during that afternoon slump. Afterwards the students were recharged and so were the teachers. It was also good for me to develop relationships with the students in the earlier days as I would get involved and be a bit silly and we all had a good laugh.
    I’m noodles for go noodle.


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