The cost factor!


So today I started playing around with Voki, which is a website other students have used to create talking avatar’s for a maths assignment for EDX3280. The purpose of this assignment is for us to discover for ourselves another form of instructional delivery which will provide our future students with the opportunity to learn maths by way of their preferred method…using ICT.

The reason for the BLOG is that I got really excited, thought I’d have a play around as it will help me in two subjects!….I added the voice to it, changed its clothes, hair, background etc and when I went to create a link so I could share it on here (instead of this post) it tells me I have to sign up and pay to be able to use that feature and/or save what I spent maybe 20 minutes creating.


As a pre-service teacher it is frustrating to have to sign up to these subscriptions to use tools and services for an assignment when the subscriptions are only yearly and you probably will only use it once that year because you are so inundated with a thousand other things to get your money’s worth.

Although if anyone knows any similar websites that might do the same FOR FREE Id love to hear from you.



8 thoughts on “The cost factor!

  1. jacquelinehowlett says:

    Vokis are so much fun, but you shouldn’t have had to pay for just a generic fun-time usage…I also used Voki for that maths unit and I did not pay…and I was able to go back and edit them as required…hmmm…


  2. emilykcotton says:

    I have used something like this at my old uni Ashley, and never had to pay… I totally understand the frustration, would be nice if it said it at the start. Maybe there is a different website? I may look into this. Great blog tho!


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