Mathematics and ICT

Chapter 2 of the textbook Helping Children learn Mathematics (Reys, 2013) for EDX3280 is about planning and teaching for mathematics. There was a large section devoted to technology which I found very interesting. The National Council for Mathematics technology principle is:

Electronic technologies…furnish visual images of mathematical ideas, they facilitate organising and analysing data, and they compute efficiently and accurately. They can support investigation by students in every area of mathematics… When technological tools are available, students can focus on decision making, reflection, reasoning, and problem solving (NCTM cited by Reys, 2013).

Reys (2013) also mentions 6 types of computer software available

  1. Drill-and-practice software
  2. Tutorial software
  3. Simulation software
  4. Educational game software
  5. Problem-solving software and
  6. Tool software

It is mentioned that Tool software may be the best in developing mathematics through problem solving. So I decided to check out some of the resources the National Council for Mathematics have provided on their website to test this theory. The one I liked the best was called Cubes. In my own words it is basically an interactive program that works the same way as interlocking cubes. Instead of using the manipulative, children can determine the volume of a box by filling it with cubes, rows of cubes, or layers of cubes. They can also determine the surface area as well by using the box’s net.  After teaching the concept of finding area, children can use this interactive tool to explore and practice this new concept.


Im actually really happy that I have both of these subjects at the same time as everytime I do study on one subject it seems to help or trigger something for the other! 🙂


Reys, R. (2013). Helping children learn mathematics. Milton, Qld.: John Wiley and Son Australia.


3 thoughts on “Mathematics and ICT

  1. spil2016 says:

    I am currently talking this course to and I agree that it is fantastic taking these two subjects at the same time. It was interesting reading the textbook and seeing how it links with the course goals of EDC3100 as it talks about embedding ICT into the classroom.
    Thank you for your post.


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