Mobile Applications for HPE

In my search for Integrating ICT into HPE I stumbled onto some suggested Mobile Apps from NSW Department of Education. To save you all some time, here is a list of the ones I think I could use in a HPE lesson. There are several more through the link. My personal comments are in Blue.

  • PEapps –PE apps is a simple pocket reference guide for the latest apps useful for the PE/Sport/Coaching/Training.
  • Groupgames- 50+ games designed to actively engage a group of participants.
  • PE Plus – contains over 100 minor games for use in Physical Education lessons and physical activity sessions. Need an idea for a warmup or cooldown activity or even a modified game, both of these would be useful.
  • Sportsrules –Sports Rules is a good for anyone interested in swift easy reference of popular sports and their associated rules. A piece of advice I received was to start reading up on the rules of common sports used in HPE during studies.
  • IMuscle –3D animated exercises and stretches. The app allows you to explore the muscles of the human body in isolation.
  • Truposture- gives you a reading of your posture from a photograph. Could be used by peers when performing particular skills/techniques to check posture.
  • Speedanatomy –A game that tests your knowledge of the human anatomy. Interactive way to test students knowledge of anatomy.
  • Teampicker –Team Picker allows users to set up separate lists for team picking. Add names to each list and save the list for future use. Then each lesson choose the list or class of people or students you are working with, tell ‘Team Picker’ how many people you want in each group, and ‘Team Picker’ will randomly select the groups for you. What a great way to choose teams without control so the students cannot ‘blame’ you if they are unfair etc.
  • iMotion – allows you to take pictures, edit your movie and export videos to your device or directly to YouTube. Have children video performing a skill and play it back to give feedback or peer feedback.
  • Ubersense –a video training app for your iPhone and iPad allowing you to record, analyze in slow motion, improve and track technique. Same as above. There are actually quite a few similar apps that can do this.
  • 12MinuteRun –multistage fitness test (Beep test). Regularly used in schools.
  • Steptest – 3 Minute Step Test. Another way to test cardiovascular endurance.
  • Instantheartrate – uses your iPhone’s camera to detect the pulse in the user’s fingertip. A real-time chart shows every heartbeat.
  • Sprinttimer –Start the timer and point the camera towards the finish line. It builds an image of narrow slices of the finish line. Scrolling along the photo gives the time when each competitor crosses the finish line with a 0.01 s resolution. Perfect for athletics carnivals.
  • Coachpad -allows users to sketch and display formations and tactics using your iPad in a simple and intuitive way. Have students sketch out game plays for their team before playing. Showing teamwork and sportsmanship.



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