Assignment 1 first Attempt & discovery of Edmodo!

Today I decided I would get a start on assignment 1. Sounds pretty straight forward, find a lesson that uses ICT and evaluate it. Well it was actually quite hard to find a lesson plan that through the use of  ICT, actually changes established instructional practices, student learning processes, or content goals! I have spent hours searching, and I have an option of two but im still not 100% happy that they are sufficient enough. The good thing about them though is that they both have a creative commons licence, so if I do decide to use them I will not be breaching copyright laws.

One of the lesson plans I came across today only had a section at the bottom that said it was optional for students to upload their responses onto a site called Edmodo. I had not heard of Edmodo so I did some research and I believe it could be such an effective ICT in classrooms today. Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom.The interface looks much like facebook. It can be used for all types of interaction including sharing comments to uploading files. Teachers can upload assignments and even grade them using edmodo. You can do pols, quizzes, set notifications and other calendar dates. Each student creates a  profile and uses a URL to join a group (class) the teacher creates, parents can even be invited! If your interested in finding out more this link will take you to a user guide for edmodo created by Patrick Cauley.

So although I didn’t get far with starting the assignment I believe I have come across a really interesting ICT I would like to use in my future teaching!


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