Why I believe Smartphones can be so anti-social

The quiz at the beginning of this weeks activities asked us to answer the question whether or not technology is making us anti-social. I immediately ticked yes…. And to my surprise I was wrong! I read the explanation and can see the different types of view of being on a lunch meeting and instead of engaging with workmates you may have nothing in common with, you could be engaging with a family member via email or message. Fair enough…

But honestly if it were a work function you would be there for a reason right? I might be a little but old school. If my partner were to start using his phone out to dinner I would immediately tell him how rude he is being. More often than not we’ll be laying on the bed, and he loves to scroll through the funny memes and video’s on Facebook. So then I find myself doing the same thing, then I get annoyed after 5 minutes or so because I start feeling guilty that I’m wasting time doing this. In my eyes that way of using technology is simply a time filler or for entertainment purposes only. And I believe this is what a lot of people are doing in social situations. They are scrolling through Facebook feeds instead of engaging in the ‘now’.

I too like Leisha Luchetti try not to touch my phone if I have guests or am out to dinner or some kind of social interaction. I’ve often thought about deleting my Facebook account, but due to university course groups and using it for work I keep it running.


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