XO Laptops? There is a first for everything!

Today I had my induction for my professional experience placement. Ive been placed in a middle to lower socio-economic public school. This school has a total of 2 computer labs and a set of Xo laptops which I have never heard of before. This will be interesting considering I am 4 days HPE and one day classroom for the 3 week duration.

Ive spent the last hour trying to find more information on the xo laptops and the best I can come up with so far is some pictures and a simple explanation that the XO computer is a rugged, low power, low cost laptop intended for educating children aged 6-12 in developing countries. They come with a variety of programs and they can connect to the school’s Wi-Fi. This website is a link to information about the hardware.

Calling out to anyone that has had a chance to use one of these and to add some comments below on ways to use in lessons and some of its features!


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