Module 2 and week 4 already!

So module one is over and I’m a little pleased like Courtney we now start to learn how to design ICT-enriched learning experiences. To me this is what education studies should be about!.

A few things are already running through my head about assignment 2.

  1. He said try design it around our ‘somewhere’ as close as possible. Ok my somewhere is HPE.
  2. But, then it recommends  to choose one of the endorsed learning areas/subjects from the Australian Curriculum for which the QCAA has produced standards elaborations. This doesn’t include HPE, only Maths, English, Science, Geography or History :(. So not HPE?
  3.  It also says you don’t actually have to teach it but it would be hoped that you could teach it ‘one day’. With this in mind if I go all out with  HPE unit using ICT I just cant see myself getting to use it much as a lot of primary school based pe is the physical movement side, outside with no ICT resources obviously depending on the school, but my prac school most definitely does not!
  4. The other idea was to use Maths as I’m undergoing a Maths unit at the same time, but I feel this will be a popular option for some people and probably has been done before…

So the easy task of just picking a subject area/ year is playing on my mind enough let alone once I try to start planning.

Although I did enjoy the backwards planning design in Assessment and reporting so we will see!

Looking forward to a few days breathing space over easter!


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