Lost my mojo!

I headed into this semester after only 3 weeks break from a 2 subject summer semester I thought I would never do over my studies… The first 3 weeks were incredibly hectic, often forgetting I hadn’t eaten lunch before I rushed off at 2pm to work after studying all morning! But I was head down, bottom up until I hit a wall this week. Tuesday night I slept 8pm-8am and could have continued, I find it super hard to concentrate when I become fatigued and caffeine isn’t even helping! 😦 Im not going to do nothing over study break but I think I need to allow for some rest days and days off staring at a computer screen!

I have 4 big subjects including ICT & pedgagogy this Blog is linked to, EDX3280 Maths, EDX3270 Literacy and EDH1150 HPE. One of the greatest things about studying online is the flexibility but a few subjects this semester have taken away some of that advantage. This Blog has requirements set over each module and is worth 15% of marks in the end and for Literacies 10 % of my marks there are contributing to forum posts and joining in BBC. I will admit if I am flat out especially when assignment due dates come up I may not do an activity for a subject because I just run out of time and don’t want to get behind. Any student I have spoken to agrees it is impossible to do 100% of the expected study/activities etc for a subject when full-time and working on the side!

I am finding this subject interesting but agree it can be time consuming, I quite often spend too much time checking the ECC3100 facebook page incase there might be something useful someone has said in the hundreds of posts already. My phone notifications have never been so huge!

I’m sure i’m not the only one feeling this way! and I wish good luck to anyone else feeling flat lately! hopefully its just a phase !!


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