Assignment 2

This busy semester means I am only just looking into ideas for my assignment 2….

My somewhere is HPE (Health & physical education)

Here is a list of where my ideas are heading…. My context will need be a little elaborate to suit 😉

  • Students will be introduced to the concept of throwing using the Wii-fit baseball game. (ICT)
  • Students will practice skills continuously using wii-fit and recording results on a graph (ICT) as well as without ICT on the oval throwing skills (possibly modified t-ball game)
  • Students research aboriginal games using Yalunga resource in groups (website research)
  • Students play a Yalunga game together
  • Student choose a Yalunga game in groups for assessment, they are to create a video demonstration to teach others how to play the game.

Just need to come up with an enticing name for the unit and turn it into something 🙂

Feel free to give me feedback


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