EDX 3280 update

I thought Id share an update on how my EDX3280 assessment is going. It took me at least 3 weeks to get that kick start on this assignment and since then I have spent at least half a day on it each week (I know it says min 6-8 per week but I’m trying 😉 ). So far I have my concepts chosen, which are Geometry (shape) and Measurement (area and perimeter). I have all my worksheets and activities for revision of shape squared away. Some worksheets are borrowed and some Ive created myself.

This is my favourite online activity I have found so far that I’m using that lets the students play a game and revive symmetry at the same time. I was even able to embed the game completely into e-portolio, Winning!

Ive also started on teaching area and perimeter via complete online access, and am liking the presentation of my e-portfolio.

The productive days on this assignment believe it or not are exciting and fun! Who would of thought!


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