2 weeks until placement

Ahhhh its getting closer! I hope it goes super quick! Ive been placed in a lower-socioeconomic school that has limited ICT but I keep telling myself it will be great! Positive thinking…. I hope it works!

Ive known about my placement for months and so surprised when I read that WEDRAC is still waiting on placement along with many others!

Ive had an initial interview with school coordinator and have been in email contact with mentor this week about what the students are learning/doing, and explaining I need to integrate ICT into PE lessons. His response, “I look forward to hearing what you come up with”. And that he had taken so long to reply because his personal computer had caught on fire! I guess there is a ‘what could go wrong’ with ICT explanation !

I’m heading down the path of finding phone apps that I can use. Possibly ones I can use with my old phone, so the students don’t wreck my new one!!  The school doesn’t have  any portable devices and I don’t own an iPad or can afford one right now!



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