Justify your ICT

I thought Id share with you some of the references I used for my justification. I found this part quite easy so if your using any similar ICTs take a look at these.

iPads – McFarlane, C. (2013). iPads and Their Potential to Revolutionize Learning

Google Apps -Nevin, R. (2009). Supporting 21st Century Learning Through Google Apps

Any Video creating – O’Laughlin, J., NıChroinın, D., O’Grady, D. (2013). Digital video: The impact on children’s learning experiences in primary physical education.

You Tube – Orús, C., Barlés, M., Belanche, D., Casaló, L., Fraj, E., Gurrea, R. (2016). The effects of learner-generated videos for YouTube on learning outcomes and satisfaction.

Exergames (Wii fit) – Papastergiou, M. (2009), Exploring the potential of computer and video games for health and physical education

And, dont forget the RAT model !!

Happy Justifying 🙂



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