Digital Citizenship

What do I know. Well its something I have learnt probably beginning in high school for me and at the same time when my parents bought our household our first family computer. It is responsible use of technology. Learning rules, respect and privacy. Having passwords and not sharing that with anyone, not using the technology unethically. MSN was the first chat that became popular when I was nearing the end of high school and I quickly became obsessed, logging on every night.

Ive always been a victim of cyber bullying, once at school, I was sent an email that was not very nice and almost told me to go kill myself. Lucky I’m a head strong person, I found out who it was and approached them in person. I was again attacked as an adult. A friend of mines x-wife who decided she didn’t like me but didn’t know me from a bar of soap started writing horrible things on pictures my work had posted. She was quickly blocked and the posts removed.

Bullying Quiz

I got an interesting 1 out of 4 for my quiz.

Q1 – I looked at this question and answered this true because I had read about kids who take part in bullying often have troubles at home or to show off and to me that shows low self esteem. Anyway….

Q3 – Ok its not the most common yet, but if we go off this course, I agree it has the potential to become more prevalent in the future

Q4 – I hesitated with this question and it could have been worded better. Some kids become targets of bullying because they are not assertive, So i ticked yes, but I would also tick yes to the bully’s to be treated accordingly also.

Cyber Safety Quiz

23/25 first go … Not bad. I think this quiz is a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. It doesn’t take up much time either. The personal information one was interesting. Thinking about all the sites Ive had to sign up for Uni,  full names, email address and phone numbers were compulsory. I also answered yes to address book forgetting I wasn’t over 13 yrs old :).

I would say I’m fairly well informed. I would just need to be careful on explaining joining sites to children, what information to give and what sites are ok.



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