What do I know, What have I learnt?

I believe I am confident to provide lessons to support digital citizenship but still concerned my context challenges my chances of actually putting it into action.

I’ve been spending time each day looking for ideas to use ICT whilst doing Physical education outside. Most of these ideas keep ending back at using phone or iPad apps.I wonder if I can provide some homework that includes emailing? But do these children have access to ICT at home? These are some things I still need to find out. I will be in a classroom once a week but still waiting on reply on what classroom, what year etc I want to ask about computer access/internet/restricted sites. With 2 computer labs as the main ICT available in this school, I’ll need to organise something as soon as so I can book a time to use the rooms.

Ive found the schools Cyber-bullying policy on their website and found children sign an ICT agreement upon enrollment and that the school provides regular classroom sessions and access to Queensland Police service to outline the rights and responsibilities of being cyber safe. Within the school cyber-bullying is dealt equally with other forms of bullying.

So to finish off week 10 these words explain how I am feeling…. concerned, keen, but frustrated with the limitations I have!



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