Interactive Whiteboards

I went through this weeks activities fairly quickly. Maybe because Im on P.E prac and don’t get to use a whiteboard, or maybe because I learn by doing not by reading about how to do something. It was useful though.

Ive only had one classroom prac so far and like Angemc Ive had one experience using IWB. It was a whiteboard/IWB. So it could be used to write on with markers as well as an IWB. I think these types are the way to go! I used it in a history lesson where I brought up the information I was talking about and used the highlighter option to highlight text the students needed to take notes into their book on. I also used it to display a video clip when we were doing some work on grammar, stopping and starting the video to ask questions as I went. I thought it was great I could connect my mac to it and pull up any word doc/video etc to display to the class. It was a little touchy tho and needed calibrating in which my mentor seemed reluctant to do. I never thought to just google how and take over!

Here’s a You-tube clip I found in one quick search on how to Calibrate a board. I like when he says “its called a smart board but its not really that smart!”





4 thoughts on “Interactive Whiteboards

  1. jacquelinehowlett says:

    Hi Ashley, thanks for all that info! I am now searching for things to do on a non-interactive white board…gulp!! I actually learned about that screen calibration thing at my last prac, but didn’t realise that was what it was for!


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