This time next week!

Just reading Ms Shannon’s Blog about prac quietly creeping up on us! I’m trying extremely hard to nut out assignments that are due the week starting prac, 3rd week of prac and after prac this week, to ease up my time so I can concentrate on Prac itself! MOUTHFUL!

I personally know Ms Shannon and she is attending a school I have previously been to. I too am HPE and I’ll also be doing high-jump for years 4-6 and balls skills for the younger students! I have a feeling we might be bouncing ideas off each other, especially when it comes to trying to use ICT in these lessons! I was lucky enough last year to attend Red Track (inter-school athletics) during my prac!

ok, prac is fast approaching, i have been totally focussed on assignments and life as Mrs Kelly and Katherine speak about that work and family are the biggest distraction, due to my distractions i didn’t realise prac is only like a week away! i got an email from my mentor last week outlining what aspect i’ll be covering, what […]

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