1 down 2 to go!

Well I feel tired like many others but a lot more at ease now that one week has passed. Due to mentor being away before me arriving, he had to catch up on some assessments so much of my time was observing pe assessing and discussing grades, such as “what mark would you give for that”. Good practice! He also was introducing new skills such as high jump to year 6 and 4. He did the first lesson then threw me in the deep end to repeat his lesson. I can happily say I did ok with no preparation 🙂 I even managed to walk a down syndrome student through stepping over the high jump rope!. I also took some ball skills lessons with preps (they are lots of fun and crack me up).

I’m in a classroom on friday’s with year 4 and I took the technology lesson, and with the teachers suggestion did a lesson that let me gauge the students computer skills, having them show me things they can do such as access internet, research information, to the simple tasks of logging on. I am limited with ICT so this is one of the lessons I’ll hand in with assignment 3…. just need to justify how that amplifies learning! My answer to that was, I was able to walk around room and assist students who were having trouble with particular tasks and give them the technology skills they need to successfully utilise computers. 70% of these kids do not have computers/laptops at home! So I am giving them skills so they can become successful member of society!!

The school has 100 special needs children to just over 600 students! So that has been a big eye opener for me! That is on top of the higher level of disruptive behaviour that the demographics brings to the school. Ive seen kids lash out at other kids in other classes and students storm out of the school, many students not in full uniform, lots of swearing, lots of not listening, lots of not wanting to do work! But it doesn’t scare me off it just makes me wish I knew the students more so I knew what to do and how to handle each student. I’m worried if I try crack down on a student badly misbehaving they might lash out at me or run out of the school.

My final note is I’m very happy with my mentor and I am so thankful that he is giving me a wealth of resources to take away with me! Just got to remember to bring hardrive in so I can get it copied 🙂

I’m procrastinating this morning with planning my lessons for next week so I better get onto that!




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