Understanding how time consuming computer lessons can be!!

This week I designed a computer lesson on Microsoft word for year 4. The class I go into on  Friday is a combined year 4 class, so I get the opportunity to do the lesson twice as they split the groups for specialised subjects.

The first attempt went horrible, I sat kids in middle of room to explain what they were doing and went through some instructions on an overhead before sending to their computer to login. 10 Minutes down to find out that 3 out of 25 knew how to access their email to get to a document I had sent them to download and work off.  So I admit the beginning of the lesson needed to be changed but from here on the behaviour in this group is challenging. So it was deep breaths while I tried to explain through overhead what to do which they basically didn’t pay attention. Having to sit a student out because she was testing me and so I had to focus a lot of time trying to settle behaviour using the class catch phrases! We only got to getting the word doc downloaded and opened and that was only meant to be the first 15 minutes of 45!

The second attempt I quickly changed my approach and had the students logging into computers asap. The class also uses Dojo points and money as incentives so I used the Dojo money to encourage students to be the quickest to do something and really used those catch phrases! Mentor agreed i was on top of behaviour much better than the last but this group was also a better combination of students. Each step they had to follow through what I was doing on projector or I would have students come show me what I wanted used projector screen. Everything was completed and I was very happy with how the lesson went!

Now I know we aren’t meant to be teaching kids how to use ICT, but that’s what was asked by mentor. I used another ICT (projector) to enhance what skills I was teaching them! Bam!

1 week to go 🙂


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