Assignment 3

Ahh at least i’m not the only one who is only just getting onto assignment 3! I just read that Wedrac is planning on getting started today!

So i’m using this blog to make a final list of to do’s to finish off this subject!

  1. Make sure I have 12 blogs in the last 4 weeks
  2. Finish off week 15 learning journal pathway!
  3. Put all 5 ICT lesson plans into one document, add mentors comments and any other adjustment I didn’t make whilst on prac…. easy but annoying and time consuming job
  4. Finalise and re-read my pre-planning essay I wrote before prac, add/delete and edit
  5. Start Part D…. after reading facebook comments that its huge, not looking forward to it

I wonder if I can get this all done today? Ahh I want to cry….. what a burnout this semester has been!!!!!!

I’m going to start chilling the beverages for Tuesday night 🙂



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