Class Dojo

On Fridays I was placed in  year four classroom that used class Dojo as a daily incentive for the students. Luckily I’m returning to that class so I have some more time to get acquainted with class DOJO.
what is it?…..
ClassDojo is a simple, safe classroom management app that helps teachers
encourage students in class, and easily communicate with parents. Check out the website to find out more.

In this class the students got points for doing the right thing, or handing in great work or doing well on spelling tests. They have Dojo dollars and they have a list of things the students can use their dollars to buy in the classroom including a prize box, listening to music, having toy on their desk and much more! They absolutely loved it and it worked so well to keep bahaviour under control. As simple as stating “if we are quiet and get through this lesson well everyone will be awarded 2 dojo points” or “first 3 people do get this done will receive 5 dojo dollars!” (so effective!!!).



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